Sending Bundles of Joy

Role: Product Designer
Collaborating with: Full-stack development team
Challenge: Facilitate a method for family and friends to send images, videos, and messages to their loved one without overwhelming them. 
Solution: Our team designed a method for messages to be collected convenient bundles to be sent together. 
When a teammate's family member contracted COVID-19, we were eager to use our professional skills to help in some small way. 

The goal was to make it easy to sign someone up to receive bundles of support.

As our team member learned first hand, not being allowed to visit your loved one in the hospital made an already difficult situation that much harder. They found that friends and family were sending messages of support and photos of their families to help bring a little joy to their day, but it was hard to keep track of all the messages. 
So the idea behind Linked was to create a single place where friends and family could send those messages and then it could be delivered all at once when the recipient was ready and able to check them. 

Each day, all the messages would be grouped together for easy viewing. 

We also thought this would be helpful to those working on the frontline of the pandemic that may not have the time to respond to messages as they come in. 

Users could easily scroll through messages and photos like a slide show.

We were so lucky that this family member recovered quickly so we ultimately didn’t build this idea — but I was proud of our team for putting in some after-work hours on something that could do some good. 

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