UI Challenges & Random Vector Art 
More coming soon!
Day 1: Sign Up
My mom runs a hyper-local news paper in Los Angeles called the Larchmont Buzz and she needed a new email sign up!
A quick adventure into shadows and highlights
One happy cactus
Idea from friend: "landscape, but danger..."
Just a little turtle
Day 2: Credit Card Checkout
It's warm out and I'm loving being able to skate outside so I couldn't resist applying my eComm knowledge to a fun and funky product. 
Day 3: Landing Page
This space nerd got caught up imagining vacations to space on a dark UI.
Again, space nerd.
A little summer fun
Purple gem, why not?
Day 4: Calculator
Two super simple calculators. One a monochromatic and edgy piece with some depth and another totally flat with rounded corners. 
Day 5: App Icons
Thinking back to my mom's website, I found a balance between the dynamic honeycomb shapes and the brand's logo that works for both iOS and Android. 
More bees
The happiest little penguin
Also happy mice
Pots, plants and shadows
Playing illustrator in Sketch
My prompt: "Do a hacker next"
It was my birthday!
Thinking about saving my money
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