My day job doesn't extend include visual design so I flex my muscles with the Daily UI Challenge
("Daily" loosely interpreted) 
More coming soon!
Day 1: Sign Up
My mom runs a hyper-local news paper in Los Angeles called the Larchmont Buzz and she needed a new email sign up!
Day 2: Credit Card Checkout
It's warm out and I'm loving being able to skate outside so I couldn't resist applying my eComm knowledge to a fun and funky product. 
Day 3: Landing Page
This space nerd got caught up imagining vacations to space on a dark UI.
Day 4: Calculator
Two super simple calculators. One a monochromatic and edgy piece with some depth and another totally flat with rounded corners. 
Day 5: App Icons
Thinking back to my mom's website, I found a balance between the dynamic honeycomb shapes and the brand's logo that works for both iOS and Android. 
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