Lilly Pulitzer

Showcasing an iconic brand

Role: Lead User Experience Designer
Collaborating with: UX/UI Designer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Front End Developers, Client eCommerce Team
Challenge: Create a unique and memorable brand experience while leveraging platform technology. 
Solution: Utilizing a personal connection to the brand, I strategically designed custom features to showcase key brand differentiators. 
Personal History
When I heard that our team was in the running to be part of the Lilly Pulitzer redesign, I jumped at the chance to help my team their business. None of my team members had heard of the brand, but it reminded me of my family and summer vacations.
This is me (in the pink) with my cousins and little sister visiting our grandparents in Ft. Lauderdale in one of the various complementary and/or matching Lilly Pulitzer outfits.
Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Lilly Pulitzer was a staple for my mom, her sister and my grandma and they passed down the tradition to us. Every family holiday we can be seen in some version of pink and green.
This year we took the matching outfits to a whole new level.
Though Lilly Pulitzer was no longer part of my regular wardrobe, I did my best to educate my team about what the brand and prepare for our pitch and when I heard I would be joining the team at their headquarters as the lead UX Designer for their replatform, my first call was to my mom.
Design leadership
Given Lilly Pulitzer’s iconic brand and strong design vision, our design team lead their replatform as we identified key areas of customization and strategic uses of the platform’s existing resources. With an internal design team of their own, we had highly capable and involved counterparts to work with kept us on our toes and held us to our highest standards.
Process evolution
Even before our initial meeting, the Lilly Pulitzer team had identified goals and integration partners that would need to be part of their site. So, in addition to applying design thinking to the redesign, I also took the opportunity to optimize the design team’s process at our initial onsite meeting.
I laid out concepts for a Gift With Purchase Feature (a key component to their sales strategy) on a spectrum from easiest to accomplish to the most custom work to give the team a sense of their options and to gauge their interest and needs. 
By utilizing the goals the client team had already identified, I worked with our Business Analyst to identify ways to achieve those goals in both large and small ways. Rather than walking them through the “out of the box” features the pages we knew they would customize, we showed them a spectrum of possibilities from simple to completely their own to get them engaged in solutions and excited about the work to come.
A color all their own
One of the most exciting tailored features was a way to handle Lilly Pulitzer’s custom prints and colors. They’re easily identified by their bold prints but those familiar with actually wearing their clothes know that it can sometimes be tricky to pair their items together. This is partly because every one of their colors is custom made and their prints are handcrafted by their designers.
The Lilly Pulitzer team had heard from their customers how challenging it could be to identify exactly which colors matched prints like Bay Dreamin. Did it match best with Pink Sunset or Cosmic Coral? (Hint: both!)
From the beginning, I made it my goal to not only showcase these beautiful prints but also make it easy for customers to match perfectly. Working with my visual design counterpart, we iterated our way to a content page that not only identified the top colors in the print, but also enabled a user to get a peek at the items available in the print.
The wireframes show that this was a relatively easily constructed page made up of a series of repeating content slots, but once the prints and photographs are pulled in, the page came to life.
With a slightly modified content page, the Shop by Print feature is a great example of how a relatively simple page can do a lot of heavy lifting to solve a common user problem.
And so much more
Along with the Shop by Print feature, we delivered a complex product details page with dozens on integrations, a sleek mobile-first navigation structure, a flexible Gift with Purchase selector, and so much more. I’d love to tell you all about them so please reach out!

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